The corporate logo should always be placed in an unobstructed area on a clean, clear, solid background that provides maximum clarity and visibility. In most of cases on a Joomla! website the top-left or center position is reserved for this kind of object (graphic/text logo). Make sure that the logo is never smaller than what can be executed. We suggest that you use a graphic tool to check which size would be optimal for your website’s purpose and reduce the size using this tool; not with css styles. We all know that logo is important part of any website but content is more important – so please do not use huge logo images. People are not blind. Please check width of logos on popular News/TV Websites: 

  • BBS UK – 84px
  • Discovery – 96px
  • Wikipedia – 135px
  • CNN – 190px
  • REUTERS – 221px
  • NBC News – 272px
  • The New York Times – 370px

Clear space around the Logo

A very important part of the corporate identity is the space around the logo. Clear space is the area surrounding the logo that must be kept free of other graphic elements, social icons or menu items etc. The minimum required clear space should be about 5-10px in height and at least 30px in the right margin.