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The enthusiastic guests from nearby and overseas are inspiring. Year 2004 the floating club house of today with shower and laundry facilities sailed up the Hardangerfjord and tied up in Norheimsund. Still on a voluntary basis we are able to offer "lazy summer days or sheltered winter layup" at reasonable prices at a central set-off position whether it be fjord exploration, Lofoten archipelago, Spitzbergen, Iceland or the Baltic.


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A crowd showed up at the docks.

Approximately one hundred people gathered at the "Holdeplassen" square in Norheimsund for the happening. Have a look at the pictures...

Today Hallvard received some really interesting photos from our friend Alix at the yard.

Norheimsund Hamneutvikling SA er ei non-profit stifting som på dugnad driv gjestehamna i Norheimsund og frå 2019 båtrute på Hardangerfjorden med rib-båt.

(1) Fører skal ha sertifikat tilpasset fartøyets størrelse, minimum D5L – fritidsbåtskippersertifikat eller fiskeskippersertifikat klasse C,

_About US

Norheimsund Rib Seafari is a part of Norheimsund Hamneutvikling SA/Norheimsund Gjestehamn/Bota, established 2004. A non profit charity voluntarily run by local enthusiasts and yachtsmen providing visiting yachts, international and locals alike, satisfactory berthing facilities in Norheimsund. Year 2018 the board launched the idea, using the guestharbour as base and still non-profit, running a rib service offering a seaside view of our fjord.