Experience the stunning and famous Hardangerfjord from our new, safe, comfortable and fastrunning RIB. From the heart of Norheimsund to remote corners with experienced coxswains and guides. Multiple departures a day in main season. Easy access from bus terminal.


Home port marina in town center. Toilets and cloakroom. Lockers and storage room for luggage on site.

Remote Corners

See areas of outstanding beauty, farms and villages ony accessible by sea.

Skilled crew

Coxswain and crew fulfills skills of Norwegian Seafaring Authorities.

Speed and Comfort

New boat. Individual seating. 2x300 hp. Max 12 pax.


The journeys will include several stops for shooting epic scenerys. Remember to cover Your equipment in splash-proof housing..

Be Inspired With Rigid Inflatable Boat


In the Royal Navy in the days of sail, the coxswain was a petty officer or chief petty officer who commanded the barge of a captain or admiral. Later the coxswain was the senior chief petty officer aboard a smaller vessel such as a corvette or submarine, who was responsible for the steering and also assumed the duties which would be performed by the chief boatswain's mate and master-at-arms aboard larger vessels. In World War II pilots of landing craft were referred to as coxswains.


10 Mar 2021

Christening of "Norheimsund Rib 1" for good luck and safe travel

27 Apr 2019

Approximately one hundred people gathered at the "Holdeplassen" square in Norheimsund for the happening. Have a look at the pictures...

_About US

Norheimsund Rib Seafari is a part of Norheimsund Hamneutvikling SA/Norheimsund Gjestehamn/Bota, established 2004. A non profit charity voluntarily run by local enthusiasts and yachtsmen providing visiting yachts, international and locals alike, satisfactory berthing facilities in Norheimsund. Year 2018 the board launched the idea, using the guestharbour as base and still non-profit, running a rib service offering a seaside view of our fjord.